Welcome to 2022!

Welcome to 2022!

It's Derek! Founder of HOAM Candle Company.

Welcome to a brand new year. In many ways, this is one of my favorite parts of the year because of the hope and optimism in the air. We set our intentions and resolutions and start off strong striving towards them. Sometimes life presents challenges that cause us to stray. I want to challenge you this year in the same way that I will be challenging myself. Set simple intentions for the year and promise that at a regular interval, you will check in with yourself and ask if your actions are serving those intentions. It doesn't matter if it's weekly, monthly, or quarterly, just make it regularly!

It was an extreme honor to serve all of my HOAMIES In 2021 and I look forward to making an even bigger impact on your 2022. I know that the pandemic has probably shifted our thinking process when it comes to planning ahead. So I want to share my take on these goal setting tips from the Fast Company article, How the pandemic changed priorities and goal setting for 2022below:

1. Start with Self-Reflection: Stop letting life just happen to you. Take a step back and look at where you are and think about where you want to be. LIVE LIFE ON PURPOSE.

2. Set Goals in Several Areas of your life: The pandemic changed the way we think. We are shifting from a work-purposed society to a more fulfillment-based society. Our value is no longer set up solely on achievement within companies that we don't truly align with. So you may be feeling a bit lost now that you've actually admitted that you hate your job. That's why its important to set goals/priorities that span your entire life from work, to family, friends, spiritual, health, etc.

3. Make your goals visible: Part of believing is seeing. If you don't see your goal, sometimes it may have a tendency to disappear or seem larger/more unattainable. Write them down and make them plain. Keep them readily available for the moments when you feel like you need to figure out what you're doing.

4. Decide if pandemic priorities suit you going forward: Just because you started something, or made a decision, or something made you feel good during the early stages of quarantine doesn't mean that you have to stick to that. You might've discovered a love for baking or sewing when you had lots of time available. Now that the world is in some sort of reacclamation period to being outside again, assess both your pre-pandemic and "in the middle of a pandemic" priorities. Figure out what makes you happy NOW and go with that. 

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