Fall '22: The Sweet Escape

Fall '22: The Sweet Escape

It's officially Fall! And with that comes the candle craze. Often times when we think of the scents of the season, the first thing that comes to mine are the pumpkins, spices, apple, and pine. So I wanted to go in a different direction with this collection. I wanted to develop scents that mixed sweet with luxury. I've done just that! 

This season we have two new additions to the parent series: Sugar Daddy & Sugar Mama. 

Sugar Daddy: 

Citrus | Coconut Cream | Butterscotch | Bourbon | Whiskey | Vanilla | Sandalwood

This scent provides a warm, sensual, and savory experience. I wanted this to feel like the perfect amount of pressure during a massage; that first bite of moist chocolate cake; the burn of a perfectly carbonated McDonald's sprite at the back of your throat...You know? That PERFECT moment. Except this sticks around.

Want a scent that keeps on giving? Well, this is the one. Sharp citrus and luscious creamy notes, settle into a musky sandalwood base to create a blend that won't just love you and leave you. Secure the vibes with this one.


Sugar Mama: 

Citrus | Green | Butter | Maple Sugar | Vanilla

This scent is a sweet luxury experience. Imagine the experience of tasting your favorite thing ever for the first time...that's what I wanted to evoke with this candle. Sugar Mama provides an experiential sensation that you just don't want to stop experiencing. And with this one, you don't have to! 

Welcome to your cheat day, served calorie free. This scent just served you a perfectly moist slice of your favorite cake ever. Enjoy sweet and tart scent notes, blended into an aroma that smells good enough to eat. But no worries here. You can take this one in guilt free.

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